#WebWeds: New Updates to Snapchat Advertising
#WebWeds: New Updates to Snapchat Advertising

#WebWeds: New Updates to Snapchat Advertising

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Snapchat advertising has previously been seen as exclusive advertising that only big brands can afford to use. This is because they didn’t have the data to compete with social advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

However, that’s all about to change.

Snapchat has just introduced a beta version of their new advertising that will soon be available to all businesses, large and small.

#WebWeds: New Updates to Snapchat Advertising

It offers more targeting options, lower price points, and creative social advertising for even small businesses to take advantage of.

Snapchat has been frantically looking for ways to increase revenue and stay relevant in the midst of every other social media platform copying their main feature, and this new tool is going to help accomplish that. Here are a few of our favorite features of this new tool:

1. Create ad campaigns in bulk.

Advertisers can now input all of their campaign information into a spreadsheet and upload it to the ads manager for quick and easy setup.

2. Saved audiences.

The saved audience feature in Facebook’s ads manager is a lifesaver for advertisers who are creating and implementing ads over and over again between various audiences. It drastically decreases setup time for each ad, saving your business time and money.

The new Snapchat ads manager will also have this audience library feature.

3. Saved media.

This is something we’re really excited about. Many brand awareness campaigns will have little to no changes each time they are run, so having an existing library of media your business has already created and uploaded can also help save time when you create a new ad.

4. Ad testing.

Snapchat’s ads manager allows advertisers to create hundreds of different versions of their ads and audience targeting to determine which will be the best choice.

5. Ad reporting.

Snapchat’s previous ad reporting wasn’t very user friendly and didn’t have the capabilities to export and be viewed with a third party reporting tool. This has changed, and their ads reporting (an incredibly important part of advertising) will now be much more accessible.

Snapchat should be releasing this ads manager to a wider audience within the month. If you’d like to get started trying out Snapchat ads, let us help you with your targeting and creative. Call us at (800) 759-7996 or fill out our free consultation form to get started!

Audrey Coates
Audrey Coates
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