December 4, 2017

Santa Baby: What TMC Team Members Have On Their Christmas Wishlist

  The holiday season is in full swing and as The Modern Connection prepares for a new year, we asked our team what gadgets are at the top of their wish list this to make the next year of work top notch. Take a look, you may just want to add one to your wishlist too! Ashley, Founder and CEO Love my Apple Watch – I’ve customized the alerts so I’m notified when important emails […]
November 13, 2017

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Use Instagram Polling

After Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat introduced several popular polling features, Instagram released its own custom surveying tool in early October. When sharing an Instagram story, you can use stickers to create a customizable survey and any follower who clicks on your video can vote in the poll. Their responses, with names attached, can be viewed after your poll is finished. Although social media influencers were the first to adopt Instagram’s new feature, major brands are […]
November 6, 2017

Why Your Business Should Be Going Live

In 2013 Snapchat introduced its ‘story’ feature and although the popular app is used for the most part amongst the millennial and digital native generations, it didn’t take long for developers to realize Snapchat was onto something that benefitted more than just the tech savvy contemporaries. Now, the ‘stories’ feature can be found across social platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram. One feature that seems to have everyone’s interest peaked is the ability for a user […]
October 30, 2017
Understanding Facebook's Explore Feed

Understanding Facebook’s Explore Feed

If you type ‘Facebook’ into Google News, it is likely that the first few result pages are peppered with articles about the Explore feed. With titles like “Facebook Thinks So Little of Us” and the use of choice words like “catastrophic”, “banish” and “buried” being thrown around, it’s no surprise that this new feed has thrown Facebook Business Page admins into a tizzy. Now that everyone has had a little more than a week to […]
October 25, 2017
#WebWeds: LinkedIn Introduces New Mobile Video Ads

#WebWeds: LinkedIn Introduces New Mobile Video Ads

Note: This was featured as part of our Web Wednesday segment on Charleston’s 105.5 The Bridge with Box in the Morning. You can catch us every Wednesday morning at 8:20 am ET for your dose of social media & digital marketing news. You can listen to the segment below:   Although many people forget about LinkedIn when they think about social media, it’s still an incredibly powerful platform, especially for B2B companies. One of the […]