Chloe West, Community Manager

Chloe joined The Modern Connection team in December 2015 and is pretty much obsessed with her job. Digital marketing is one of her biggest hobbies (#nerdstatus), so she loves that she gets to do it for a living. As a Community Manager, Chloe takes on the voice of each of her clients to create branded and relevant content for both their social media pages and their company blogs.

She graduated from College of Charleston as an English major in December 2014, so she’s a serious grammar nazi. She currently lives in West Ashley with her awesome four-year-old, but Downtown Charleston is her absolute favorite place to be.

Favorite App: Currently addicted to the game Two Dots.
Spotify Station Guilty Pleasure: Hamilton soundtrack. I'm nothing short of obsessed.
Random fact about yourself: Only member of the TMC team to have grown up in Charleston. Everyone else is from out of state!
Celebrity Crush: Chris Evans 😍