#WebWeds: Tidying Up Your Social Media

#WebWeds: Tidying Up Your Social Media


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By now everyone has heard of the new hit Netflix show: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It’s been a fun topic of conversation around the TMC office and on social media. While this is the newest pop culture fad, there is something to be said about why it’s gained so much popularity. Other than Marie’s soothing way of teaching her clients how to let things go, it’s establishing that you can let them go, be ok, and feel good about the fact that everything in your life has a place and an order.

While it’s great to feel neat and tidy at home, what about your business? And more importantly, what about your business’s digital life? Is it okay to clean up and rid yourself of things that aren’t bringing your business joy? Which we all know translates to not turning a profit or being of value to your customers. At TMC, we like to take a cue from Marie and walk through our clients and our own marketing strategy quarterly to see if our goals are still in line, make sure we aren’t wasting time where we shouldn’t be, or on content that’s not translating. Here are a few steps you can take to tidy up digital profiles for your business:


1. Establish what is working.

Take a look at what platforms are actually performing for your business. Make a note of what content is working and what’s not working. Once you’ve established this, it’s easier to let go of the type of content that isn’t working for your audience. This type of content should be removed from your content calendar moving forward, but the types that are working should be re-written for your other social platforms as a test to see if they can translate to other platforms as well.


2. Let it go.

Sometimes it’s okay to let go of past content that doesn’t represent your current business plan. Maybe you had a branding refresh or you’re moving in a different direction. If so, it’s okay to go in and remove any older content that didn’t quite move the needle or content that no longer represents who you are as a business.


3. Hit the refresh button.

Some platforms don’t need to be tossed, but simply refreshed. Most platforms stay relevant by updating user features, and it’s an easy way for you as a brand to stay relevant on the platform by making good use of these new items. Update your cover photo with a clever new SEO friendly caption, or use the “Our Story” section on Facebook to really tell your customers what your business is about. Cleaning isn’t just about tossing, it’s also about keeping things tidy.


4. Establish where you will spend time moving forward.

If you decide a social platform is no longer worth your time, that’s okay too. If you do decide to stop posting, share an update with your followers and let them know where your business will be active online. This gives your customers another avenue to follow you for updates.


5. Finally, keep it tidy.

Create content calendars and follow through. Base your new tidy profiles off of the content that is resonating with your followers and give them more of what they want. Write for the platforms that you’re on (ex. Facebook and Instagram content shouldn’t be the same), and test all links that you are sending your audience to. Following through and testing are key to keeping your audience engaged and coming back for more!


If you are having a hard time with your digital strategy, let us know. Our first step is helping clients create a digital marketing strategy that works for them! Contact us today at 843-718-2988 for a free consultation to get started! Stay tidy friends!

Jenn Steere
Jenn Steere
Jenn Steere is the Director of Operations at The Modern Connection, where she enjoys helping businesses succeed in the digital world. She is a graduate of Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA (Go Fighting Squirrels!) and has a background in Online Marketing and Management. She loves curling up with a good book in a beach chair and spending quality time with her husband, Colby, and their Tuxedo cat, Chloe and Boston Terrier pup, Ellie.