A Guide to Google Ads Reporting Terminology

A Guide to Google Ads Reporting Terminology


Part of our overall marketing strategy here at The Modern Connection is the detailed reporting that our SEM specialist puts together after each month of Google Ads has been completed. The reporting is extremely comprehensive and can tell business owners a lot about their potential customers and provide useful information on leads.

While all of the information included in our reporting is important, the analytics and numbers really only matter if our clients can understand what each one means for their business. So we’re breaking down the most commonly used terms used in Google Ads reporting to help simplify things a little bit.



The number of 30 second phone calls and lead form submissions combined.



The number of times people clicked on your ad.



The number of times your ad is shown. An impression is counted every time your ad is shown on a search engine results page or other Google Network site.


Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is calculated by dividing an ad’s impressions by the number of clicks your ad receives.


Average Position

This AdWords metric shows how your ad ranks against other ads. This determines the order in which ads appear on a page.


Average Cost per Click

Cost per click (CPC) is a type of bidding where you pay for each click on your ads. You specify your CPC bids depending on how much you are willing to pay for each click your ad receives.


Amount Spent

The amount of money that was spent on your AdWords campaign.


Search Impression Share

Search impression share is the number of impressions your ads have received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive.


Phone Call Clicks – 30 Seconds

The number of people who clicked the ad to call your company and stayed connected for 30 seconds.


Phone Call Clicks – 60 Seconds

The number of people who clicked the ad to call your company and stayed connected for 60 seconds.


Lead Form Submissions

The number of people who complete your lead form.


Bounce Rate

When someone lands on a webpage and leaves the website without first visiting another page.


Pages per Session

The average number of pages people visit on your website after clicking your ad.


Average Session Duration

The average time people spend on your website after clicking on your ad.


Our team wants to help clear up murky meanings and explain complicated concepts in the digital marketing industry. We know that tackling a full report with a long list of numbers and percentages can seem daunting, but we are here to make things a little easier for you and your business.

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Camille S. Vlahos
Camille S. Vlahos
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