Ways to Expand Your Reach on Instagram
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In today’s social world it’s not enough to just create content or to schedule your content to go out and forget about it. Brands that are doing well on Instagram are not only posting but are also engaging and active on the platform helping to expand their reach. Here are a few tips to get you started on expanding your reach. 

1. Post regular content.

Ideally, it’s great to be active on Instagram as often as you can, but we understand that time is precious, especially when you’re running a business. To help, we suggest sitting down and planning out your content for the entire month, so when it comes time to post, it’s prepped and ready to go. Posting 1x per day would be amazing, but starting at 2-3x per week is a start. 

2. However, don’t post just to post.

Make sure you plan out your posts that are visually appealing to your fans and make sense for your brand. If you feel that it’s a reach, it’s probably off brand. 

3. Have a relatable caption for every post.

Never post a photo with no caption – let your fans know the reason behind the post and this also gives them a reason to comment or respond. 

4. Always use hashtags.

Use at least 10 hashtags per post. These should be a mix of industry hashtags to reach those who are already following similar accounts, local hashtags (if you’re a local business) to reach your local audience, and branded hashtags that you’ll use to reach your fans. 

5. Engage with your comments.

Engaging with your fans is one of the most important things you can do to start building an online relationship. This ensures your followers that there is an actual human behind the account that cares enough to take the time to respond to their comments and questions. Engaging with your fans is also a great way to build rapport and keep them coming back to view your content. Fans will turn into customers because they trust the brand.

6. Post Instagram Stories.

Posting Instagram Stories is the best way to stay top of mind with your followers. These stories show up at the top of the feed and give your fans more insight behind the brand. Stories can be posts that wouldn’t necessarily go into your regular feed or can simply be to announce that you have a new post. Make sure you are making these unique by utilizing the stickers and other features available that make Stories so personalized and fun to watch. 

7. Utilize Instagram Story highlights.

Save your Stories with Story highlights. Before Story highlights came into play, brands were losing their stories after 24 hours, but now that’s not the case. Your Stories can be saved to your highlights so the content doesn’t go to waste. It’s a way to segment your Stories into categories and show even more personality behind your brand and to keep your followers engaged. 

8. Follow hashtags.

Follow the same hashtags that you are using on your posts and interact with the posts. Keep it related to the brand and the local community as much as possible. Like your fans photos and other local business photos. This helps to expand reach and show your fans and community that you’re an active account that engages. 

If this sounds like a bit much to handle, that’s what we’re here for. Let us help you expand your reach! Contact us for a free consultation or give us a call at (800) 759-7996. 

Jenn Steere
Jenn Steere
Jenn Steere is the Director of Operations at The Modern Connection, where she enjoys helping businesses succeed in the digital world. She is a graduate of Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA (Go Fighting Squirrels!) and has a background in Online Marketing and Management. She loves curling up with a good book in a beach chair and spending quality time with her husband, Colby, and their Tuxedo cat, Chloe and Boston Terrier pup, Ellie.