Abbay McCandless, Junior Social Media Manager

After completing an internship in Content Marketing and Web Design, Abbay knew that Digital Marketing was the career path for her. She graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in English in 2016 and was eager to find a career where she could put her writing and creativity to the test. She loves the dynamic nature of the digital world, and the relationships she develops with her clients.

Considering the culinary town that Charleston is, and the fact that Abbay lives with her chef boyfriend, it’s not surprising that a significant amount of her free time is spent eating and trying new restaurants (see: #caloriequeen). To balance out the eating, she also loves to go on long runs with her rescue dog, Kirby.

Spotify/Pandora Station Guilty Pleasure: Spotify’s “Feelin’ Myself” Playlist is perfect for sourcing songs to add to my running playlist. Plus, you’ve gotta love the amount of Beyonce and Lizzo on there. 🙌
Social Site You’re Most Addicted To: Instagram! I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to staying up to date on my feed. I’ll just keep scrolling until I see the “You’re All Caught Up” checkmark.
Random Fact About Yourself: No one is 100% sure of what my hometown is. I lived my first fifteen years in a small town outside of Boston, and finished high school in Fort Wayne, Indiana before moving to Charleston. However, my father still lives in Massachusetts, my mom and step-dad live in Big Sky, Montana, my siblings still live in Indiana, and my family collectively spends summers in northern Michigan. Whenever I tell my friends that I’m headed back home, they always ask me to specify which “home” I’m referring to.
Apple or Android: I can remember being a fan of Apple back when they still called Mac computers “Macintosh.” Apple for life!