Alex May, Paid Ads Specialist

Alex joined the team in December 2017 as the Paid Ads Specialist, in charge of conceptualizing, executing and maintaining TMC’s portfolio of advertising clients. She got her start in NYC at marketing agency working with accounts among the likes of Puma and Carolina Herrera, specializing in programmatic advertising, consulting and branding; but her plan all along was to return to the southern hospitality and climate with her expertise and edge. She is originally from the DC metropolitan area, but has called Wilmington, NC home for the past 8 years as she attended UNC Wilmington (Wings Up!) and her whole family followed her there.

Alex’s educational background in marketing and psychology complement each other to provide a overarching understanding of humans as individuals and as consumers. She is committed to mutually beneficial outcomes and is fulfilled when she can use her creativity to help others. When Alex isn’t working she loves exploring nature, live music, and going running. She isn’t afraid to walk around barefooted, snag a couple leaves in her hair or sprout freckles. Her preferred mode of transportation is a longboard,, she loves to dance, write poetry, is enamored by the beach and enjoys puzzles.

Favorite App: Apple Podcasts! I got hooked with Serial, and branched out since to thought-provokers like TedTalks and historical podcasts. Nerdy as it sounds - I am now listening to “The Marketing Book Podcast” and it’s actually super engaging and colorful - contrary to expectations. It gives me some fresh perspective that I can apply at work that I actually talk to people outside of work about.
Spotify Guilty Pleasure: I don’t feel guilty about any of my music, but most people aren’t as shamelessly proud of a Britney Spears supporter as I am. And, clearly I am a huge David Bowie and Tom Petty fan. My cat’s name is Bowie Petty May :)
Random Fact About Yourself: I am a really good hula hoop dancer.
Apple or Android: I switch up pretty evenly with my phones to keep it fresh. As far as computers, I generally prefer PCs as my job is very Excel-heavy and the program is optimized on PCs.