Betty Brown, Jr. Social Media Manager

Betty joined the Modern Connection Team in the fall of 2017 as a Jr Social Media Manager. She is originally from Virginia but after graduating college took time to travel. In that time she worked with horses on a ranch in New Mexico, road tripped throughout the western half of the U.S. and most recently finished a seasonal job working in the Bahamas! After a year and a half of adventures post college, she finally decided it was time to take her place in the professional sphere. Her position at The Modern Connection was just what she was looking for to transition herself into the ‘real world’.

Betty has a degree in Communication Studies with a Public Relations concentration from Longwood University. Her favorite part about working in social media content creation is the ability to bridge the social gap between businesses and their clientele through personal, thoughtful and beautifully designed content. She also loves being behind a camera and setting up just the perfect shot. When she’s not behind a screen, Betty can be found outside, preferably in her hammock, taking in the beautiful views.

Favorite App: Sky Guide. I paid maybe $3 for it but it’s totally worth it. The nighttime sky is marvelously beautiful. With this app I can just point it up at the sky, find a constellation and then click on it to read about it’s ancient greek history. You can also track man made objects like space stations and satellites in orbit. It’s so cool!
Social Media Site You’re Most Addicted To: Instagram. I love to be strategic about who/what I follow because I like to curate a digital space of inspiration and happiness for myself. On a typical day I can scroll through and see all my friends, beautiful landscapes, lots of nature focused content and clothing inspiration of course!
Random Fact About Yourself: I’m the oldest out of six kids! Yes, my parents are still together and yes, they’re all my full siblings. The youngest one is in 2nd grade!
Celebrity Crush: Chris Pine! He was so swoon worthy in Princess Diaries Two and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten over it. Plus I love a man that can sing.