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September 9, 2019
Creating Your Own Digital Analysis Checklist

Creating Your Own Digital Analysis Checklist

A lot goes into keeping up with your brand’s social media presence. And while content creation is usually top-of-mind for your business, it’s also important to occasionally run through each of your accounts to make sure you are making the most of the features on every platform. Whether you are starting from scratch, rebranding, or just getting all of your social media ducks in a row, creating your own digital analysis checklist can help streamline […]
August 26, 2019
ways to expand your reach on instagram TMC Blog

Ways to Expand Your Reach on Instagram

In today’s social world it’s not enough to just create content or to schedule your content to go out and forget about it. Brands that are doing well on Instagram are not only posting but are also engaging and active on the platform helping to expand their reach. Here are a few tips to get you started on expanding your reach.  1. Post regular content. Ideally, it’s great to be active on Instagram as often […]
August 20, 2019
content you should stop posting on social media

Content You Should Stop Posting on Social Media

  One thing to keep in mind is, if you don’t like something you see on social media, chances are that your followers won’t either. You’ve worked hard to build your brand and your presence online, so posting bad content isn’t worth running the risk of losing your connections or trust with your online audience. To avoid losing any followers, let’s take a look at some content you should stop posting on social media.    […]
August 12, 2019
The Modern Connection Why You Should Keep Your Personal and Professional Social Media Separate

Why You Should Keep Your Personal and Professional Social Media Separate

    Authenticity is becoming more and more important today on social media. In addition to being honest and real with your followers, people enjoy seeing the face behind the brand and feeling like they have a personal connection. Plus, interacting on social media with your fans can help build a strong business relationship. On that note, however, how do we know if we’re sharing too much? Showing your business’s personality is very important, but […]
August 5, 2019

Why Your Website Needs an Occasional SEO Audit

    Here at The Modern Connection, we talk a lot about how necessary refreshes are for your digital presence. Social media platforms are constantly changing and introducing new updates, so it’s important to keep your presence up to date. But it doesn’t stop there. Your website deserves that same attention and we don’t just mean on the front end with new graphics and fresh photography. We’re talking an SEO audit. An SEO audit can […]