Camilla Baker, Social Media Manager

After spending almost a year as an intern for The Modern Connection, Camilla has officially joined the TMC team as Social Media Manager. With a passion for all things social media, The Modern Connection is the perfect place for Camilla to begin her career. With an English degree, Camilla’s strength lies in writing relatable, creative content for clients, whether it’s a blog, Facebook post, or newsletter. Camilla will use her writing skills and new media studies to create engaging content for clients.

Camilla just graduated from the University of Georgia and is excited to be back in her hometown of Charleston. Having grown up in the Lowcountry, she loves being on the water. You can often find Camilla at the beach, on the boat, or spending the day on a friend’s dock. And if you can’t find her there, you can be sure she’s bingeing the latest Netflix or TV show.

Favorite app: Snapchat. Since going to college and now that I’ve graduated, it’s been the most convenient way to keep in touch with friends living all over the country.
Spotify Guilty Pleasure: I’m a Spotify person, and my guilty pleasure has to be the playlist called “Girls Literally Yell Every Time You Play These Songs.” You can’t help but cheer whenever one of those songs comes on!
Random Fact About Yourself: I got my first grey hair when I was 13, and now have a full blown grey streak.
Favorite Netflix Binge: Stranger Things. I finished it in one day and have watched it through twice. Impressive, right?