Camille Vlahos, Sr. Social Media Manager

Landing a career in Digital Marketing as a Social Media Manager in September of 2015 was a dream come true for Camille. Having worked in public relations prior to digital marketing, she was ready for something fresh. The constant changes and surprises that social media can bring were just what she was looking for to keep her on her toes. Her passion lies in generating relatable content and creating branded graphics for clients.

When she’s not behind a screen, she loves flipping through the latest collection of fashion magazines, testing out new recipes and spending quality time with her pup, Nelli.

Social Site You're Most Addicted To: Instagram. This is the toughest though. It’s a close race between Instagram and Pinterest but I definitely spend more time on Instagram. I am in the constant movement of scrolling through beautifully staged photos and blogger’s #OOTD.
Spotify Station Guilty Pleasure: RapCaviar. This might the fact that surprises most people when they ask, but I am a closet hard-rap lover.
Random fact about yourself: When I stick my finger in my left ear, I get Vertigo. Weird, right?
Favorite Netflix Binge: House of Cards.