Ellie May, Office Pup

I arrived on planet Earth on December 27, 2017, and was nicknamed Buttons (obviously because I'm cute as a button). My dog mom, Gracie was the product of a local hoarding situation but luckily was rescued by the Valiant Animal Rescue Group. My mom had me and my brother, Oscar. Unfortunately, I was the runt and was barely hanging on but Valiant Animal Rescue nursed me back to health and was able to put me up for adoption. Gracie and Oscar got adopted too!

My human mom logged into Facebook to look at a client's page on a Friday afternoon in April of 2018. She saw my face pop up in her newsfeed and immediately called my human daddy. He had always wanted a Boston Terrier and my mom had always wanted to get a rescue pup so I was the perfect fit! Immediately mom filled out the application and waited nervously to find out what would happen!

Mom got the email the next evening while she was at the movies with dad. She couldn’t help but respond immediately that she wanted to meet me (sorry other movie goers!) . The next day, Brian from Lowcountry Dog Magazine and Michele from Valiant Animal Rescue showed up at my new mommy and daddy's house with me in tow. Well, the rest is history because they immediately fell in love!!

I am now a modern working dog serving as The Modern Connection's office pup and lead greeter. I head to the office with my mommy every day! I specifically work for snacks and treats. You may have seen me walking around town with my mommy and daddy, in the Milk and Friends 2019 calendar as Miss June, or in the December 2018 holiday issue of Lowcountry Dog Magazine with my brother, Oscar. I live on John's Island with my mommy, daddy and kitty sissy, Chloe - a sassy tuxedo cat.

Favorite Netflix Binge: I only watch animal planet.
Favorite Thing To Do In The Office: Show off my toys!
Nicknames: Peanut, Peanut Butter, Ellie Bellie, Monkey Butt.
Social Site You’re Most Addicted To: That's not a ruff question, it's Instagram. You can follow me and my sissy, Chloe's adventures @ChloeandElliechs.
Random Fact About Yourself: I pooped on the couch once and didn't get in trouble, I bark in my sleep and whine at my Mommy til she picks me up.
Favorite Food: I really like to eat cat food (don't worry, my mommy won't let me).