Jessica Turner, Digital Coordinator

With a diversified background that encompasses a full range of marketing knowledge, Jessica brings a unique blend of fundamental marketing prowess and enthusiasm for new technology to our team. Her 10+ years of experience include public relations for local as well as high-profile national clients, social media management, strategy development, and so much more.

As The Modern Connection’s Digital Coordinator, Jessica is responsible for guiding all of our website projects to completion, ensuring every client receives a top-notch product. Additionally, she manages all client SEM campaigns, and contributes to strategy development.

Originally from rural Western Kansas, Jessica graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, a major in Public Relations, and a minor in Speech/Communications. She and her husband, Nate, along with their two dogs and three cats, live on Johns Island, and can often be seen spending time at the beach, or hanging around a camp fire with friends.

Favorite App: IMDB - pop culture nerd.
Pandora Station Guilty Pleasure: My Pandora consists of nothing but guilty pleasures, but the most embarrassing of them to admit is the Twilight Saga: New Moon, Film Score station. #dontjudgeme
Random fact about yourself: A social dating pioneer, I met my husband on MySpace while I lived in Los Angeles and he lived in Wisconsin, and then moved across the country to be near him four months later.
Favorite Netflix Binge: Currently, it’s House of Cards.